How To Make Really Thick And Creamy Smoothies

[ad#Adsense Block For Every Post 3] By adding milk, yogurt, dairy or dairy alternatives to smoothies made in your home smoothie maker, you will produce and even more creamy and delicious results.  Careful choice of ingredients will ensure that the … Continue reading

L Equip Blender, L’Equip RPM Blender – Model 306500

[ad#Adsense Block For Every Post 3] This L Equip Blender is a home appliance that thinks it is a commercial blender!  Manufactured to the highest standards, the stylish and modern design will complement any kitchen, whether it is traditional or … Continue reading

What is a Smoothie, Why Buy a Smoothie Maker

[ad#Adsense Block For Every Post 3] Use your smoothie maker to make a smoothie and you are getting the whole fruit, with all its goodness, including the fibre-rich pulp so essential for the health of our digestive tract. Drinking fruit … Continue reading