Easy Healthy Fruit Smoothies

[ad#Adsense Block Post Floats Left]A solution to many of the problems of getting a nutritionally balanced diet with today’s modern lifestyles can be to start making yourself healthy fruit smoothies.

These are very delicious and quick easy to prepare. You can use two or three of your favourite fruits and try out some of the recipes on this site. Smoothies can help to remedy some of your health problems especially if you are dieting or trying to cut down on fatty or ‘fast’ foods.

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Healthy Fruit Smoothies, Packed With Goodness!

healthy fruit smoothiesThese smoothies can also be used instead of snacks and desserts. They are easy to make at home and this makes them very cost effective for you compared to buying your snacks from the store and even cheaper than buying ready made smoothies.

They contain all the nutrients that are required by the body for healthy growth. They include vital vitamins, proteins, fibre and minerals. They can therefore provide all the nutrients in just a single meal.

Delicious Nutrition for ALL the Family!

Introducing children to drinking fruit smoothies is a great way to setting them on the path of staying healthy and it will help to prevent those diseases which can result from poor eating habits such as colon cancers, coronary artery disease and obesity as well as increasing your metabolic rate.

One important thing to consider when making your healthy fruit smoothies is to minimize the use of any additional sugar. If you have a sweet tooth, you can start out with making the smoothie sweetened to your taste and then the next time you make it, just add a little less. If you keep doing this each time, you will gradually re-educate your taste buds to appreciate the flavour of the fruits and improve the nutritional balance of the drink at the same time.

If you are following a given recipe, have fun customising it to your own taste. This will allow for any changes that you want to make if you are following a specific weight loss plan or you have to avoid dairy products for example. Keep a notebook of combinations that work the best for you so that you remember the extra ingredients you added (or what you left out) and this will enable you to reproduce your favourite smoothie taste, exactly, every time.

In addition to the fruits and fresh ingredients, there are a lot of smoothie mixes and powders that are excellent, nutritionally balanced and really great additions to your own mixes.

However, it has to be said that there are a lot of mixes that contain corn syrup, artificial sweeteners and a lot of chemical additives. In my opinion, these should be avoided. Always be sure to check the label for anything you are thinking of adding to your mix.

However, if you want to add vitamin and mineral supplements or protein powder, mixing these into your ‘meal in a drink’ is a great way to go and can make sometimes rather bland ingredients taste really good!

Once you have tried making healthy fruit smoothies for yourself, you will soon be a convert. Your skin will start to improve, you will begin to have more energy, feel better and because these healthy drinks can be made so quickly if you have a home smoothie maker, you will be able to keep making them without hassle – even with the most hectic of lifestyles!

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