Green Smoothies

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There are lots of people who think that they wouldn’t like green smoothies, just because they think that they would not like the taste of vegetables in a drink. However if you don’t ever try them, you won’t ever find out how scrumptious they are really.

This type of healthy smoothie isn’t just good for you, it doesn’t even have to look green, if you want it to be this way since the phrase ‘Green smoothie’ simply means it’s filled with wholesome, healthy vegetables and fruit.

As you become accustomed to producing green smoothies for yourself, you will be able to try out the inclusion of different ingredients. Including flaxseed is a good method to improve your dietary fiber consumption as flax will work for the benefit of your heart, an excellent dietary advantage!

Green Smoothie with AppleWhen you are able, include vegetables and fruit which you perhaps would not otherwise try. We seem to get used to using the same fruit and vegetable varieties all the time and sometimes, trying something different can be a refreshing change.

If you wish, you can use frozen, ready prepared fruits and vegetables in your smoothies, this will save you lots of time when you are busy and it is easy to prepare a few extra fruits or vegetables when you do have time and pop them in the freezer ready for when you don’t!

Yogurt can be a good addition to smoothies as many people find it easier to digest than milk. Probiotic yogurt is of huge benefit to the digestive and the immune system and yogurt gives adults and children the extra calcium needed for healthy bones. Even if you are dieting, low fat yogurt gives a lot of health benefits without adding too many calories.

To make your green smoothie, all you have to do is decide on the mix of fruits and vegetables you want to use (about half and half is probably right when you first try green smoothies). Then, just whizz everything together in your smoothie maker. If you feel this proportion of vegetables in your smoothie is too much to start with, just add a few leaves of baby spinach or a couple of broccoli florets instead and see how you go – the big thing is to start slowly if you are unsure and gradually build up. Don’t put yourself off before you start!

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Green smoothies are really a brilliant way to get your children to start eating more vegetables without even knowing it.

If you are on a weight loss diet, they provide excellent nutrition whilst remaining low in calories.

They are quick to make, especially if you are able to use frozen fruits and vegetables that you have pre-prepared and you will notice health benefits in a very short time.