Oster BCBG08 Glass Jar 8 Speed Blender Review

[ad#Adsense Block Post Floats Right]This Oster BCBG08 Glass Jar 8 Speed Blender was rated a ‘Best Buy’ by Consumer Reports and it seems that there are many very happy customers out there who absolutely agree.

This Oster blender is one of the lower priced models on the market but can compete with others several times its price when it comes to blending and smoothie making – including crushing ice.

This model may have a ‘basic’ model price tag and is currently on sale for under $40 and with free shipping available from Amazon, you really cannot go wrong – and many happy reviewers are happy to go on the record saying that this blender blends as well as much more expensive models.

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What Do People Like About this Oster 8 Speed Blender

Oster 8 Speed BlenderPeople love the fact that the Oster BCBG08 blender has a glass jar. First of all there is no risk of bacteria-harboring scratches developing inside the blender jar, second there is no fear of any BPA contamination from plastic getting into the food you are blending, thirdly, the jar is incredibly robust and has been thermal shock tested so there is a much smaller chance of damage or breakage – and of course, it is 100% dishwasher safe.

Editor’s note – if you have not heard about the dangers of BPA, this helpful article will prove useful.
Whilst the risks are very small, it is certainly the case that a growing number of people prefer to avoid the use of these plastics wherever possible.

The stainless steel ice crushing blade is a feature you often find on much more expensive models and it is a great addition to this blender, making really smooth drinks from frozen ingredients every time. The 450 watt motor is powerful enough to cope with just about anything you want to blend in it, whether this is ice cubes or nuts, it will go on turning out sauces, soups, dips and smoothies, just the way you like them, thanks to the eight speed settings, time after time after time.

Oster BCBG08 control panelAnother thing that customers love is the reassurance of a product that is made in North America and which provides secure locking with metal parts (not plastic) and an all metal drive to ensure that you go on getting the same great results – for years to come. The control panel is neatly arranged with just three speed buttons, a high or low toggle and a button for ice crushing and pulse – and of course, an off button.

So, are there any drawbacks at all with the Oster BCBG08?

Well, just a couple – and none of them too serious. First off, if you put the blender on a really smooth surface such as a granite counter top, it can move a bit when blending. My tip would be to use a non-slip counter mat underneath the appliance. Most people were happy with operation of the machine and did not report any problems at all – in fact, many said they preferred that, although the base looks like it is made of heavy weight metal, it is actually much lighter which makes it useful if you need to stow the blender away after use because of lack of counter-top storage space.

Some other customers said they felt the power cord could have been longer and the machine needs to be sited near a power socket on the counter top.

Some reviewers said that crushed ice is a breeze to make using the pulse mode, but blending ice into smoothies is best done by dropping individual cubes into the mix through the lid – this trick makes for smoother blending in this instance.

Reviewers liked the wide pouring lip on the blender jar which makes life much easier when serving straight from the jar. They also liked the fact that replacement parts are available very cheaply on Amazon should the need arise.

The consistently high reviews suggest that any minor flaws can be forgiven when compared with the great value price and performance. Out of 137 reviews on Amazon at the time of writing, 67 gave it the full five stars, 41 gave it four stars. Balanced against this, were 11 who only gave it one star. One of these obviously got a faulty appliance and got it sorted out from Oster, some found it very noisy but then crushing ice is going to be noisy isn’t it? Some commented that the plastic controls felt more ‘flimsy’ than on more expensive machines.

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Our verdict, on the Oster BCBG08 Glass Jar 8 Speed Blender

[ad#Adsense Block Post Floats Right]We think this model represents amazing value for the price. If you want a blender that performs like a much more expensive model and don’t mind the fact that it is a little noisy in operation, you have the big plus of the glas jar, all metal drive and the fact that it is made in the USA. Take advantage of the big discount from Amazon, the free shipping option and the reassurance of the one year warranty from Oster and bag yourself a bargain!

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