Try Out the Hamilton Beach Smoothie Smart Blender

It is finally summer and the perfect time for smoothies. These are healthy and a great way to get your fruits and vegetables for the day. However they are also really delicious and refreshing – just what you need on a hot summer’s day. There are many different appliances on the market but they are not all as good as each other at the task of blending fruits and vegetables and crushing ice to make the perfect smoothie. If you have ever tried making one of these drinks using a traditional blender you know it can be messy affair. A regular blender may not have enough power to actually blend the fruit or vegetables so that you end up with a lumpy mixture which is not very appetizing. Commercial companies that sell smoothies use incredibly powerful commercial blenders that pulverize the ingredients without a problem. So what can you use in your home that you can afford and that will do the job well? Take a look at the new Hamilton Beach 56221 Smoothie Smart Blender it might just suit your needs.

What makes a good or bad smoothie maker?

the 56621 blender

This blender has all the power you need to get perfect results

The kinds of features you need in a blender that you are going to use for making smoothies or frozen drinks is a machine that has power to do the job. What you don’t want in a blender is one that requires you to keep hitting the button and opening up the blender to stir the contents around so that it all gets blended.

To work well a smoothie blender should have at least 500 watts in power. It would also help if the container pours easily and doesn’t cause a mess getting the smoothie into the glass. Sturdiness is also important in a smoothie maker – the base needs to be solid particularly if the model has a high powered motor.

The blades are really important. They need to be stainless steel so that they are durable and can do things like crush ice. Finally the whole machine should be easy to clean, easy to take apart and put together again. Continue reading

My Top 4 Green Smoothies Recipe Books

There is so much information about the nutritional benefits of smoothies that sometimes it can be really difficult to know where to start with recipes and the right smoothie maker machine. We have reviewed and recommended many appliances on this site – in a wide range of price brackets, so I thought it was about time I brought you my favorite recipe books for making green smoothies so you can dive right in there and get started on your journey to better health!

1. The Green Smoothie Bible

This book is by Kristine Miles who lives in Australia and is a physiotherapist with more than fifteen years’ experience. She has a passion for sharing her mission in helping her readers and those who go to her cookery demonstrations to enjoy really delicious and nutritious food free from toxins and chemicals. You can enjoy a sample of her green smoothie recipes for free on her blog by visiting this page

I love this book because it shows you that smoothies containing fruits and vegetables is one of the easiest (and most delicious) ways to really boost your intake of the health-giving benefits of fruits and vegetables.

Get the The Green Smoothie Bible with 300 Delicious Recipes at a discount from Amazon!

Whether you are wanting to shed some weight, protect yourself from illnesses, boost your energy and immune system, detox your body, fight off heart disease or whether you just want to reap the benefits of brighter, clearer skin, stronger, healthier nails and shinier, healthier hair, you will find more than 300 delicious recipes in this book to help you.

Each recipe shows you how to combine a variety of fruits rich in vital antioxidants with vitamin rich leafy greens into delicious drinks that can be made in minutes and which will have amazing benefits for your health.

2. Green Smoothie Revolution

This is the first of two books I am recommending by Victoria Boutenko. First published in 2009, this book addresses the problem common to many of us living in the fast-paced 21st century, that of finding life so hectic, that it is difficult to take the time to prepare and eat a balanced diet. It shows how this problem which causes so many health problems can be addressed by consuming healthy smoothies.

Many of us do not even realize that we are not functioning at optimum levels, we have gotten used to feeling tired, not sleeping well, finding it difficult to concentrate – and so on, the list goes on!

Green Smoothie Revolution: The Radical Leap Towards Natural Health – get your copy at a discount from Amazon! Continue reading

Changing To A Vegetarian Diet With Young Children

Many people are making the transition to a vegetarian diet. There are so many reasons for this and whether you are considering making the switch because of animal welfare concerns, because you want to eat more healthily or simply because meat is becoming increasingly expensive, here are some tips including making home made, healthy smoothies which your children will love and which will help to ensure the transition is a smooth one.

child with vegetables

Making the transition to a vegetarian diet with children could be easier than you think

Changing to a vegetarian diet can be a particular challenge when you have young children as you want to ensure that they receive all the vital nutrients in their diet to ensure they grow up healthy and strong. In addition, you are up against the problem that children have a lot more peer pressure to eat fast foods and snacks they see advertised on TV. Vegetarian food is not going to be as appealing to a young child as all those tempting meals with the accompanying toy or treat.

However, if you make a slow transition rather than an immediate change, children will be much more accepting and start to love the new foods you introduce. Don’t cut out all meat right away, start by making the portions smaller and adding more healthy vegetables and vegetarian side dishes.

The younger your children are, the easier it is to change their eating habits. If they have not yet started at school, it is easy to get them on the right track with healthier alternatives.

Encourage Children To Make Healthy Choices

shopping with children

Shopping at the grocery store is a good time to encourage children to make healthy choices

When you go to the grocery store, talk about the different options available. Encourage them to make healthy choices, don’t get involved in a potentially confrontational situation by asking them what they would like for their snack and then having a problem because they have asked for an unhealthy, non-veggie commercial snack or a chocolate bar. Ask them instead, whether they would like a peach or an apple for their snack or give them a choice between two other healthy foods. That way, everyone wins.

For the school-age child, it is a little harder as they will have to learn to make those healthy choices when they are away from home and with their friends. By involving them in meal-planning at home and in shopping for the weekly groceries, you will be helping them in this decision-making process.

Adding smoothies to the menu is another great way to help children make the transition to the vegetarian lifestyle. Not only are these delicious and nutritious when made at home and free from the less desirable ingredients often found in store-bought versions, they are also a great way of getting even very young children involved in making healthy and nutritious snacks that all the family will love.

In the video below, two delicious smoothie recipes that make a perfect, wholeseome and healthy vegetarian breakfast smoothie for all the family. Continue reading

Magimix Le Duo Plus for Juicing and Smoothies

Magimix Le Duo Plus JuicerA healthy body requires a healthy and nutritious diet but with today’s hectic lifestyles, eating a nutrititionally balanced meal on the go can be tricky. However, juicing provides a perfect way to make extremely healthy and nutritious drinks and if you pick the right juicer, you will also be able to make smoothies.

Although drinking homemade juice is an excellent way for everyone to increase the nutritional value of their diet very easily, a lot of juice producing machines do not offer many other features. However, the Roland Magimix Le Duo Plus Juicer provides the perfect juicing system that also has the capability to make excellent smoothies.

This easy to use machine provides an excellent resource for anyone who want to make healthy eating a natural component of their daily life. In a small kitchen where space is limited, this machine fulfils the dual purpose of juice maker and smoothie maker without having to buy (or find room for) more than one appliance.

fruits and vegetablesIt is easy to use fruits and vegetables with this Magimix Juicer. It can cope with hard vegetables just as easily as soft fruits and berries. This professional grade appliance is the top of the line, providing an extremely easy to use, quiet machine. Reviewers are thrilled with the power of this amazing machine and purchasers will absolutely fall in love with how easy it is to use.

Many people purchase a juicer with good intentions to improve their health. However, many of these same individuals will quickly find that they are too busy to actually take the time to juice regularly. With the Le Duo Plus, there is no excuse, it is so easy and quick to use that there is no reason for anyone not to incorporate making juices and smoothies into their daily life.

The Significant Health Benefits In Juicing

Juicing is an excellent way for just about everyone to quickly gain the important health benefits that consuming natural juices on a regular basis provides. These benefits can also be found in using this juicer for creating smoothies as not only do you gain the benefits outlined below, but you will also benefit from the soluble and insoluble fiber that smoothies additionally provide.

The following are just a few of the significant health benefits provided through juicing: Continue reading

Yonanas Deluxe Makes Healthy Home Made Popsicles

With summer approaching and the warmer weather coming, children will soon be wanting to cool down with popsicles and ice cream. The trouble is that store bought versions of these are often expensive and also contain a lot of unhealthy ingredients – however, making a delicious and healthy version of these icy treats could not be simpler with a clever gadget now on the market at a great price, the Yonanas Deluxe!

healthy fruit popsicles

Fruit popsicles make a delicious and healthy summer-time treat for children

Yonanas enables you to make delicious treats for all the family that look like, have the texture of and taste like, soft serve ice cream but which contain only whole fruit goodness. Like a sort of frozen smoothie!

It is particularly good using really ripe bananas – so before they get over ripe and you would otherwise have thrown them away, simply peel them and cut into large chunks which you can then freeze in a suitable container.

You can add just about any other fruits that you would like to as long as they are pre-frozen in chunks that are going to fit into the chute of the machine. Some ideas are blueberries, raspberries, blackberries and strawberries as well as mango, melon – and for a real treat, try adding some pineapple chunks and some coconut to your banana and you will get a delicious ice that tastes like Pina Colada – yum!

One useful tip is to allow the fruits to thaw just a little before mixing them. This makes the job easier and quicker and is recommended by the manufacturers

The following video has some recipe suggestions which you can try out alongside those in the recipe book supplied when you purchase this machine. Continue reading