Smoothies Might Just Be The Best Food For Seniors

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Organic and raw food diets are fast becoming trendy once more among the health and fitness-conscious…but what about for the elderly? They arguably have more reasons to benefit from a diet that places special emphasis on the nutrients which fresh, non-processed, easily digestible, and chemical-free food provide. These, and the following, form great reasons why smoothies and shakes are good dietary additions on a regular basis, or even substitutes for solid food meals for senior citizens during illness or convalescence.

smoothies for seniors

An elderly relative can be helped to get the vital dietary nutrients they need by drinking smoothies

Four Reasons Why Smoothies Are Good For Seniors

  1. They are easily masticated and digested.
    smoothies are easy to makeYounger people like the consistency of smoothies and shakes because they mask the grittiness of certain ingredients that need to be drank, especially for pre- and post-gym workouts. Beyond this, however, a diet in smoothie form is especially beneficial for the elderly because it helps them chew less and digest more.  Even so-called “soft food” could prove hard to eat by people who have already lost most of their teeth. And medication or supplements which older people might find hard to swallow can be easily mixed in a smoothie.
  2. Smoothies provide a good base for dietary supplements.
    Older folks who are prescribed special dietary supplements but often forget to drink or take them with their meals can actually combine them with ingredients to form one meal. Vegetables and fruit can be mixed with powder or liquid supplements for a delicious, refreshing shake. What’s even better is that a big batch can already be made and refrigerated so a smoothie is always ready to drink as needed or desired.
  3. They offer little to no sensitivities and allergies to food.
    As we grow older, our bodies develop more sensitivity to certain food ingredients. Allergic reactions also become more common and need to be avoided altogether to prevent bigger health hazards. Because a smoothie usually relies on fresh ingredients and doctor-approved supplements, there are little to no chances of an elderly person becoming allergic to it after drinking. If a senior citizen is lactose intolerant, dairy-based ingredients can be shunned altogether and an invigorating smoothie with all the inherent vitamins, minerals, protein, and fiber will not be any less nutritious for it.
  4. They are excellent for weight maintenance and targeting.
    Whether it’s for loss or gain, a fresh smoothie is the perfect tool to help an elderly person have the proper weight. A metabolism that has slowed down will find it difficult to distribute weight evenly, and often results in obesity among older people. A smoothie with fresh, all-natural ingredients can already give a senior citizen the right amount of vitamins and minerals, plus much-needed fiber to aid in digestion. Without dairy and sugar, there is no need to worry about improper weight gain while on a smoothie diet.

Consult your Doctor or a Nutritionist First

senior ladySmoothies and shakes with fresh ingredients are great dietary supplements and alternative meals for older folks who have problems with digestion, allergies, and whose taste buds have an aversion to many kinds of food. However, caution must be taken if elderly people are to introduce smoothies into their regular diet. Consulting a nutritionist first is still an important step.

This is a guest post by author Marc Webster, who is a writer and blogger working as a Parts and Components specialist for All Time Medical, a medical supply company which sells rollators and wheeled walkers for the elderly. His latest article entitled “Eat Right, Eat Healthy: The Slow Food Movement” can be found at

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