Tips and Tricks to Make Smoothies Fun For Your Kids

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These tips and tricks to making smoothies as much fun for your kids are helpful in creating valuable quality time as well as encouraging children to eat more healthily. Modern families constantly rush from one place to another for sports practice or music lessons while gobbling down fast food. Share a special moment by encouraging children to slow down and indulge in healthy foods.

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Use the following advice to make snack time a fun experience for everyone.

Initiate Exciting Food Shopping Adventures for Smoothie Ingredients

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Involve children in shopping for the ingredients and make this fun too!

Include children in the shopping phase so they feel involved from start to finish. Discuss farming and the environment during visits to the grocery store or head to the local Farmers Market for fresh ingredients. Explore food textures and colors with curious young minds. Ask little shoppers to assist with picking out smoothie ingredients. A basic shopping list for smoothies consists of:

  • Fruit (strawberries, blueberries, peaches…)
  • Low-fat yogurt
  • Fruit juice

Some parents use milk (almond, soy, etc.) instead of fruit juice. Others mix in honey and flaxseed oil to boost antioxidant properties. Ask your children what they like and try to keep it healthy as possible. Smoothies are incredibly versatile and even children with food allergies can enjoy them.

Conduct Fun Kitchen Pre-Preparations

Set up a miniature preparation (prep) area in the kitchen to keep children engaged. Explain the importance of hand washing and sing a song to keep things fun. Wear matching aprons or cover-ups for easy clean up. Choose an area where children can reach the counter without standing on chairs to keep things safe. Place the blender on a stable surface to minimize spills.

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Make a Shared Masterpiece

Help children measure the required ingredients and place them in the blender. Never allow children to chop fruit. Help them break softer items like bananas into chunks. Let them pour yogurts and juices into the blender. Make children feel they are an integral part of the process.

Closely monitor smoothie texture and color during the blending process. Create fun and vibrant drink colors that appeal to children. Dull drinks do not stand a chance with fussy eaters who notice the way things look long before tasting them. Brightly colored snacks also remind children that healthy foods do not have to be boring.

Turn Clean up Time into Something Special

Make clean up less daunting with songs and some bubbles! Allow eager hands to stock the dishwasher or play with bubbles while adults tidy up. Visit local toy stores for miniature brooms and dust pans that allow younger chefs to participate in kitchen cleanup.

Take it Easy

smoothies for children

Making smoothies fun for children offers opportunities for shared quality time as well as improving nutrition for the child!

Settle into a quiet spot with your children and enjoy your drinks. Venture outdoors in pleasant weather and discuss the surroundings. Sit indoors and read a favorite book together while sipping on smoothies. Children begin to associate smoothies with special family time and look forward to them in the future.

Make smoothies fun for children by including them in the process. Fear of the unknown holds many back from trying new things and kids are no different. Allow them to create their own beverages and you win half the battle. Encourage healthy eating habits that will last a lifetime.

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