Latest Offers, Bestsellers This Week and Our Top-Rated Four Smoothie Makers

Here are our recommendations for our favourite smoothie maker models from our reviews of the past year. We have included the best model under $50, between $50 and $100, $100 to $200 and over $200.

Best Smoothie Maker Under $50

Our winner: Oster BLSTPB-WBL My Blend 250-Watt Blender

An amazing 63 out of the 89 people who have left a review on give the Oster My Blend four stars or the maximum five stars. The general comment amongst those who gave it four stars was that they would have given it five stars if the lid design had been better! This is a minor point on a machine that performs brilliantly – and less than $30 if you get it from Amazon!

Extract from customer review:-

“You just blend, put the lid on, and go! It’s great for drinking on the way to school or work and it is so fast to make!”

This model from Oster is a personal blender and allows you to make a delicious ‘smoothie to go’ because you make it directly in the carrying bottle. The supplied mixing bottle is a BPA-free 20 ounce container which fits into most cup holders perfectly – whether this is on the treadmill, your bike or in your car! The container is dishwasher safe so clean-up is a breeze.

It has a motor powerful enough to crush ice and frozen fruit – but if you overdo it and overtax the motor, the neat resettable fuse feature avoids you damaging the machine because it cuts out, allows fifteen minutes for the motor to cool safely – after which time, you can restart the machine. There are several recipes supplied with this machine – or why not try out some of the recipes on this site?

We all like the sleek design, the variety of colors, the fact that the bottle is BPA-free and comes with a carry hook. The Oster My Blend is a great, personal smoothie maker.

Best Smoothie Maker $50 – $100

Our Winner: Cuisinart Blender Review, Cuisinart CPB-300 Portable Blending and Chopping System
Follow the link to visit our review of this model. We love it and so it seems, does just about everyone else! With an amazing 87 people out of the 147 who have (so far) left a review on Amazon, giving this amazing machine the full five stars!
Extract from customer review:-

Cuisinart CPB-300“I was ready to write a great review for this blender the moment I got it, but I thought, no, I should test it out, see if it fails to perform over time. It’s been months and it’s just been a wonderful blender, no problems. The pulse button is a very handy addition, because it modifies both HIGH and LOW buttons with one push, so it’s very one-hand-friendly. It’s got a strong motor, which is not too noisy … you can smoothly lift the cups to stop it automatically, which is super smart. Altogether a very neatly designed product.”

Best Smoothie Maker $100 – $200

Our Winner:- L’Equip 306500 20,000-RPM 7-Cup Blender with Polycarbonate Pitcher
Follow the link to visit our review page of this versatile, family sized model. We reviewed this model back in 2010 and in our opinion, it is still the best! Eighteen out of the thirty-four reviewers on Amazon gave it the full 5 stars – a great blender with a huge amount of power for the price!

L Equip BlenderExtract from Customer Review:-

“…I have used it almost every morning to make smoothies for breakfast. The first time I fired it up, it almost scared me. This thing has power to spare. It will puree rock solid frozen fruit like it was warm butter. You could probably crush gravel if you wanted to. Over eighteen months of hard use and absolutely no problems. No peeling chrome, no burning smells, no clanking, the tachometer works perfectly.”

Best Smoothie Maker over $200

Our Winner:- Blendtec Home The Professional’s Choice 1560-Watt Hp3a Blender TB-621-20
Please use the link above to visit our review page of this awesome machine! This blender is branded ‘The professionals choice’ and it certainly lives up to that in our opinion – and, it seems in everyone else’s too, as out of 218 customer reviews, an amazing 162 gave it the full five stars.

Extract from customer review:-

Blendtec Home The Professional's Choice 1560-Watt Total Blender Black“Wow! Now this is a blender! This thing sucked the fruits and ice down into its vortex amazingly well. With the “Whole Fruits” button, I had great smoothie in 50 seconds or less. I usually just hit the button and go the bathroom. By the time I get back, I got instant smoothie! I’ve tried the the ice crush button and this mode literally makes snow; not just crushed ice, but snow!”

No matter what your budget, you don’t need to compromise on quality when choosing a smoothie blender that’s perfect for you! We love the features of all these models so check out the reviews and if you know of a great model we haven’t included in our best smoothie maker 2011 feature, send us a message using the contact us page giving us the model details and why you think it is worth of inclusion. Send us your information before 1st December 2011 – there will be a $10 voucher for the suggestion we like the best and which we will review and add your comments too!



Blendtec Designer Series Blender with Wildside Jar

Product Features
This Blendtec Blender has the Wildside, five-sided BPA-free pitcher jar which has a fifth side incorporated to ensure the best possible blend. A big family-sized blender with a three quart capacity and finished in sleek and stylish black.

Manufactured to North American Electrical Standards, this model has offers you total control over blade speed (up to 29,000 rpm) and at 1560 watts, is powerful enough to blend anything you need to in the kitchen.

Comes complete with the Blendtec 7 year warranty, a comprehensive manual and a recipe book.

Oster My Blend Sports Bottle Accessory

We review the Oster My Blend personal smoothie maker below, in our top four smoothie makers feature. We voted it top in the under $50 category. So, it is nice to see that this sports bottle accessory is in the Amazon Bestsellers list. It is a great idea to buy one for each member of the family so that everyone can take their own personal favorite smoothie to school, college or work! At under $10 each these are a snap too!


Here are our most popular smoothie maker models this week!

Before you dip our review of our top selling machines, check out the summer time smoothie maker models people are buying this week!

The Hamilton Beach Smoothie Smart Blender Currently available at a great price (under $65), built to North American Electrical Standards and with all the features you would expect from a more expensive machine, this model has proved popular with readers this week.

The Ninja Kitchen System 1100 If you only have room for one machine to make frozen drinks and smoothies plus cope with all your kitchen blending and chopping requirements this Ninja model, again build to North American Electrical Standards makes a great choice, especially as it is available at a big discount right now!

Margaritaville Frozen Drinks Maker I am not surprised that this machine has proved popular this week – it is perfect for summer picnics and barbecues to make ice cold drinks for all the family – and with the rechargeable battery having enough power for around 60 drinks on a single charge, it won’t turn out to be a party pooper!

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