Breville 800BLXL Blender Review

[ad#Adsense Block Post Floats Left]The Breville 800BLXL is a powerhouse when it comes to smoothie makers and blenders in general.

Do you struggle to get your blender to work well and find yourself poking it or wobbling it to get things going and get all those bits at the bottom blended in? This product provides a helping hand by giving you more wattage and more control.

One of the features that make it stand out is the quietness of operation by comparison with other blenders with similar capabilities.

For those in the market for a new blender to cope with all the blending and mixing requirements in the kitchen that will offer a little extra, like making healthy drinks and smoothies or to creating some fabulously fun drinks for your next cocktail party, do consider this blender. It is an affordable solution because it will last a long time. The Breville 800BLXL Blender is especially affordable at the moment because Amazon are offering it at a discount of over $100! (Please use the link to visit the product page)

Look at some of the key benefits the Breville 800BLXL provides

    Breville 800BLXL

  • The system has a powerful 1000 watt motor. That is higher than most models on the market.

  • It has two speed settings, which helps to ensure you get the right consistency. It also has a pulse feature.

  • The system has cleverly designed blades to create a vortex (see the explanation in the video below). This helps to create a better consistency. The blades also come up close to the sides of the bowl, which allows it to keep food from being trapped and prevents any bits of food remaining ‘unblended’ in the bottom of the mixing container.

  • One of the key benefits to the Breville 800BLXL is that it has a quieter motor. This means that you do not hear that horrible sound penetrating throughout the home every time you turn it on.

  • The family sized 67oz polycarbonate jar is dishwasher safe, easy to clean so you will definitely use it more often than a blender that is a chore to clean up!

Video Demonstration of the Breville 800BLXL

It also works well for those who are looking for a way to make pastes, soups, stews and other thick liquids in an efficient manner. Use it if you want consistent results.

The customers who bought and reviewed it indicate it works well – that it sounds quieter and works efficiently. They do like the control this system offers, too. The power is good as well, which is why so many have used it. Another key benefit is how easy it is to use. Just fill the top with some ice and your favorite fruits and you’ll have a great tasting smoothie.

extract from customer review:-

“Breville seems to have come up with a nice design of the blades and bottom of the container since it moves the material from the top to the bottom and vice versa for even cutting quite well on it’s own and the hole in the top makes it easy to insert new ingredients with the motor running. I will say that this blender does everything I ask of it and better than my high end Kitchen Aid Blender which left small chunks of things like ice and garlic or corn kernels, etc. “

Some users said the system does not have as much control as some models. However, as one reviewer pointed out:-

“It is only a two speed but in doing some research it seems that most multi button blenders have a low speed and 12 high speeds which are the same. This is done for the button loving public who think more is better.”

In addition, the blender incorporates a significant amount of air into the mixture, which may not be a benefit for all users (though it does create a great texture for smoothies!)

Overall Verdict on The Breville 800BLXL

[ad#Adsense Block Post Floats Right]extract from customer review:-

“Overall this is a great blender. I’m not sure if it could handle the range of tasks that a vitamix can do (although I haven’t tried) but if you have other appliances on hand you probably will not mention it above. Overall its a great quality blender that is consistent with what I have come to expect by also owning a Breville juicer and immersion blender. Highly recommended. “

This blender provides an effective system that you can rely on to create perfectly blended soups, purees, drinks and smoothies. The system is so easy to use that and clean up that it is not going to get pushed to the back of the cupboard and forgotten because it is too fiddly! For those who want to use it for shaved ice and the perfect smoothie texture, the Breville 800BLXL works well, why not try it out with some of the great smoothie recipes on this site?

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