Four Key Elements of a Basic Smoothie Maker Recipe

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The combinations of fruits and vegetables for smoothies are almost infinite! You will develop your own favourites after trying some recipes and a lot of experimenting, which is great fun! 

If you prefer to create your own personal smoothie maker masterpiece from scratch, start with the four basic elements here.

The four elements of a delicious smoothie


You need to add liquid to your mix to make the smoothie into a drinkable mixture. Fruit pulp alone would be too thick! So, start off by adding about 1 to 2 cups (or 250 – 500 mls), (or ½ – 1 pint) of liquid.
What liquid should I use?
green teaFruit juice could be your base but may be rather sweet.  For a really healthy smoothie, packed with antioxidants, you could use Green Tea. This can be made double strength and allowed to cool before use.
Cows’ milk is ok but many of us have a degree of lactose intolerance and cows’ milk, whilst an excellent source of protein and calcium, also has cholesterol.
Soy milk is an excellent alternative, not only is it a great source of protein and calcium like cows milk but also contains isoflavones which are known to help lower cholesterol levels. It also has no lactose or cholesterol.
Almond milk or Rice milk are good alternatives too.
Natural yoghourt (made from cows’ or sheeps’ milk) can also be used as the liquid portion. Natural yoghourt has less lactose than milk and choosing a live yoghourt with prebiotics and probiotics will further benefit the health of your digestive tract.

2. Additions

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This is a matter of personal preference. You may wish to add a proprietary vitamin and mineral supplement, in this case, be sure not to exceed the daily recommended intake of vitamins and minerals – read the guidelines on the pack.

You may wish to choose one with additional fibre or perhaps you may be looking to increase your protein intake so you could add a scoop of your favourite protein powder to the mix. A couple of tablespoons of Flax seed will add essential omega-3 oils and about 4 grams of fibre.

frozen fruit3. Your fruits and/or vegetables

Start out simple, for a more creamy result, fruits (except citrus fruits) can be frozen before being used in your smoothie recipe.

4. Ice

Ice is a great addition, especially if you are not using pre-frozen fruits in your smoothie maker.  Ice will not only make your smoothie cooler, but will also give it a better texture.

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