Healthy Breakfast Smoothies For Weight Loss

[ad#Adsense Block Post Floats Left]Have you ever considered trying healthy breakfast smoothies for weight loss?

With modern lifestyles (everything on the run), whilst it is true to say that we are better educated about health issues and very conscious about our health, most of us know that a healthy breakfast is important but most of us just are not eating right at the first – and many say, most important meal of the day and that is a fact!

Normally in the morning, we are in a hurry and just want to grab something to eat. We tend to forget everything we have been told about the importance of eating a proper breakfast simply because we just do not have time! A smoothie is a great solution that can not only provide you with the essential nutrients your body needs for a healthy start to the day, it can also help you with your weight loss plan without sacrificing vital nutrition for your body or starving yourself.

Personal BlenderSmoothies for weight loss can make a great meal replacement for one meal a day without threatening your health. In fact, they are very easy to make, have a delicious taste and are very handy when you are in a rush as you can take your smoothie with you when going to your work or to school. Many personal blender models (such as the Tribest Personal Blender) have mixer cups designed exactly for this purpose, just pop off the container and take it with you. Nutritionists have stated that breakfast should provide us with at least 25% of our calories. Studies show that people who do not eat healthy in the morning or skip breakfast altogether, tend to have higher levels of cholesterol thus putting themselves at a higher risk of getting heart disease.

All the nourishment that you get from healthy breakfast smoothies will really start your day in a more positive way and help your weight loss plan if you are dieting. The fruit sugars will keep your energy levels up, the soluble and insoluble fiber from fruits and vegetables will help you feel fuller longer and the vitamins and minerals will strengthen your immune system, helping to keep you free from common illness such as coughs and colds. You can also include smoothies as a drink at snack times and share them with the children, this is a great way of getting the kids to eat more fruits and vegetables. It is highly recommendable for everyone to start taking care of their health sooner rather than later. Start your day with a healthy breakfast smoothie for weight loss and improving your nutrition and you will see positive benefits for your own health within a very short time.

healthy breakfast smoothies for weight lossThese healthy smoothies are easy to make. You can create your own recipe with your own favorite fruits. Just take your basic fruits and vegetables and then add milk or yogurt or a non-dairy alternative to get the required consistency. Mix it all up in the smoothie maker or blender and it’s ready in seconds. Avoid too much sugar as this will not help if you are trying to lose weight – also the fruit sugars are better for you than refined white sugar. If you do need to add some sweetness, add a little honey instead. The advantage of these nutritious drinks is that they are made up of delicious and healthy fruits and most do not need any kind of sweetener especially if they are made at home, natural fruits are indeed healthy and delicious.

Because healthy breakfast smoothies contain the whole fruit and/or vegetable goodness that keeps you feeling fuller longer, really helping you resist those unhealthy snacks at work or school. Usually, when we are hungry, we reach for our favorite snacks and often, these have a very high calorie content and are full of refined flour and sugar. This is not very good for our health and it can lead to several problems including heart diseases and diabetes as well as adding more weight with the associated problems that this brings.

[ad#Adsense Block Post Floats Right]Smoothies for can be made in seconds in the morning – if you really don’t have time, they can also be made the previous evening and stored, covered, in the fridge for the following morning.

You will find delicious recipes for breakfast smoothies on this site and have fun creating your own healthy alternative to high calorie breakfast cereals or breads. Replacing your normal breakfast with one of these delicious recipes will help you cut down on the amount of calories you take in.

If you normally skip breakfast, you will avoid snacking on unhealthy foods mid-morning. In both situations, healthy breakfast smoothies for weight loss, make perfect sense as the ideal addition to a healthier lifestyle as well as a weight loss plan.

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