Natural Body Detox Smoothies

Detox smoothies are an excellent way to help detoxify the body. Detoxification as discussed in this article is the process of removing toxic substances from the body by the bloodstream.
The liver, lower gastrointestinal tract, and kidneys detoxify your body naturally. However, with modern life, stress, pesticides, and preservatives, plus the typical white-bread non-organic diet, the body may not be able to rid itself of all toxins. Detox smoothies can be a tasty, healthy, easy way to start a natural body detox.

detox imageDetox smoothies are also an excellent choice to ease into detoxification by replacing a meal or snack with a smoothie. Pregnant and nursing women; people with heart, liver, or kidney conditions; people with thyroid disease or cancer, or certain other conditions cannot follow strict detox remedies. Smoothies will give some of the natural body detox health benefits to these people without undertaking one of the strict detox plans. Smoothies may be made with a blender, food processor, or smoothie maker machine. Smoothies should always be used very soon after they are made and not stored. Organic ingredients should always be used. If organic is not available, the fruits and vegetables should be washed more than usual or even soaked. Peel fruits and vegetables as little as possible.

Green smoothies have many health benefits. The benefits of green smoothies will give the body a nutritional boost that will allow it to detoxify itself naturally. Leafy greens are one of the main components in many green smoothies. Leafy greens contain chlorophyll that is a potent blood purifier. Spinach, kale, and lettuce, are probably the most common leafy greens. If dandelion greens can be found, they are one of the most potent blood cleansers. Dandelion greens are fairly bitter however, the novice smoothie maker may want to use these sparingly at first or add fruit to the dandelion smoothie. Other ingredients to add to a green smoothie are only as limited by the makers imagination.

Vegetables of any kind may be added to the green smoothie. Onions, garlic, or leeks can all be incorporated into a smoothie, and will aid in detoxification. Spinach, apples, carrot juice, and a small amount of onion might be a good starter base for a very healthy green smoothie. Apples are a great ingredient to add to any smoothie; apples contain a heavy metal chelator, namely malic acid. Avocados contain a powerful anti-oxidant. Vitamin C will aid in detoxification so smoothies should contain a citrus fruit if at all possible.

Green Smoothie with AppleFruit smoothies are a popular breakfast choice. Many people find fruit smoothies easier to drink than green smoothies. Any fruit can be used and fruit based smoothies can incorporate organic yogurt, nut milk, soy milk, or goat’s milk into the recipe. Be careful with using dairy and too much citrus fruit together however, the results may turn into something resembling buttermilk. If the primary ingredient in a smoothie is citrus fruit, juice, green tea, water, or soft fruit may be the best choice to add liquid to the smoothie. Of course, water can always be added to any smoothie if a more liquid product is desired.

Other ingredients can be added sparingly to the smoothie. Vitamin C, protein powder, chlorophyll powder or liquid, calcium powder, or acidophilus (probiotics) can be added to the smoothie. However, be aware that some purists believe all ingredients should be derived from raw foods. Dried fruit of all kinds can also be added. If the dried fruits are soaked overnight the liquid can be used in the smoothie. Consider making a date, peach, and yogurt smoothie with a touch of honey. Flax seeds, oats, or other sources of fibre are also good additions.

Detox smoothies are becoming a staple of any health conscious individual’s diet. The benefits of green smoothies and fruit smoothies can be immense. Smoothies are easy to make in your smoothie maker, the main thing to remember is to use organic, replace some meals with smoothies, use as much raw food as possible, and drink the smoothie as soon as possible after preparation. This advice will help you get started on a gentle body detox.

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