Vitamix 4500 Review

Vitamix Turboblend 4500

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Vitamix 4500 also known as the Turboblend 4500 is the Vitamix model specifically designed to be a great smoothie maker as well as making frozen desserts, sauces, soups, purees, crushed ice and chopped vegetables and nuts.
This really is a professional quality appliance that you can use in your own kitchen to revolutionise the way you prepare food. It has precision crafted stainless steel blades which will enable you to blend as little as four ounces of ingredients or a full sixty-four ounce container to the same, super-smooth consistency.

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Vita-Mix Turbo Blend 4500 with 64 oz. Container

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The blender carafe, or jar of the Vitamix 4500 is made of BPA-free Tritan ™ copolyester which is almost unbreakable and engineered to last. The patented design pulls the ingredients into the blades as they spin to make blending even more efficient and speedy.
Vitamix Turbo Blend 4500 64 oz capacityIt is very easy to add ingredients whilst you are blending as the lid has flexible two piece thermoplastic “easy off” lid and a patented stirring stick or tamper which helps you to push any stubborn ingredients down onto the blades whilst the machine is in operation – you do not have to switch the machine off in order to do this.
I am not surprised this machine is called the Turboblend 4500 as it has a powerful motor, especially designed for Vitamix in Sweden and it can spin the ingredients being blended at an incredible 218 miles per hour! The all stainless steel enclosed blade assembly is engineered for strength and precision – you can crush a full carafe of ice in just three seconds (yes, 3 seconds!).

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Vitamix seem to have thought of absolutely everything with this model as it is bound to be used so much, they have made it simplicity itself to clean.

All you need to do is to half fill the container with warm water and a drop or two of washing up liquid, leave the blade in, run the machine and it turns itself into a self cleaning machine, just like running a dishwasher!
This is a really superb counter-top machine, weighing fourteen pounds and measuring 7.25” in width, 8.75” in depth and 20” in height.

It has two speeds and comes with the Vitamix five year warranty.

I cannot begin to tell you all the things you could make with this brilliant machine but it does make superb smoothies! You will get lots more inspiration from the Vitamix Turboblend 4500 book that is supplied with it and which contains 170 mouthwatering recipes.

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